So, you met a girl in Chatroulette or Omegle. Gradually, virtual communication grew into sympathy, and conversations through a video camera became more intimate. A certain feeling has grown, and you want to meet in real life. Well, this happens often. After all, conversations with strangers only arouse interest in each other, and interest often develops into romantic feelings.

How not to spoil the first date, and move on to personal relationships in reality?

First date

In chats, a certain image of the interlocutor is created. You play a virtual role, which does not always coincide with the real one. And therefore it is very scary to go on a first date.

Therefore, the first advice: try to calm down and behave as naturally as possible, without replaying or pushing the girl away from you.

Second tip: show yourself the way you really are. Sincerity is the key to a strong, warm and, possibly, love relationship. You cannot build any romance on deception. Therefore, even at the stage of virtual communication, it is better not to think up anything about yourself and not talk about what you do not know how, never did, never tried, etc. In face-to-face communication, cheats are quickly revealed and disappointment arises. And on this basis it is impossible to build relationships.

Romance in the first meeting

Romance has nothing to do with sexual relations. It is important to understand and remember. Many girls, agreeing to a first date after virtual communication, do not count on bed. Therefore, various hints, cheeky behavior will push the beloved away forever. The first date is just an occasion to get to know each other, to see each other in real life. It is better to meet in crowded places (cafes, parks, cinemas), without the possibility of intimate continuation.

But again, it is worth starting from the features of communication in the virtual. If a girl, on the contrary, is relaxed, persistent, wants a more frank and close relationship, then it is appropriate to show assertiveness, even arrogance. It all depends on how tightly you managed to chat, how you understood your beautiful stranger, whether you guessed her intentions and character. Perhaps everything will turn out on the first date, but you should be careful not to spoil the situation.

So, going on a first date with a girl, tune in for easy, laid-back communication. Immediately offer sex is not worth it, unless there was a preliminary agreement. Insisting, molesting, asking deeply personal questions is also not necessary, even if in the Internet you discussed intimate topics. In reality, a person may be different, this must always be remembered. And that means acting strictly according to the situation, without straining and not scaring the girl.