The first date is a crucial moment to please each other and create the right impression. Therefore, it is important not only the ability to maintain a conversation, but also the appearance. Because the first thing that comes into the view of the girl will be you and the clothes. We will figure out what rules to adhere to, especially if the meeting happened on the network.

Use proven clothes from your wardrobe

Choose the outfit that will give confidence and calm. Because everyone is worried, hoping to please the girl. On a date, you need to carefully listen to your interlocutor and ask leading questions, and not worry about the appearance.

That is why dress as convenient and comfortable for you. Choose your favorite pants or jeans from the closet. But do not confuse convenience with everyday life.


An important detail in a man’s clothes on a date is accessories. If you have a watch, then they will always fit the classic version. If there are several types, then select the style of clothing.

Do not forget about glasses. They will become not only a protective element from the penetration of sunlight into the eyes, but also make the image more brutal. Choose them also for clothing. They should not be too big or dark.

Other tips

To create a positive impression for a girl, adhere to the following rules:

1. Do not wear completely black clothes. Such an image will create a gloomy sensation on a date. For example, you should wear a black jacket and a light shirt, if you go to some event.

2. Do not overdo it with bright colors. The presence of very bright elements of clothing will also scare the girl away. She will think that you are a frivolous person, and perceive the meeting as a joke. Such things will distract the interlocutor. Calm tones are recommended – dark blue, beige, white, brown.

3. Clean and tidy clothes. If it is a shirt or pants, then they should be ironed. Shoes are pre-cleaned. Socks should be without holes. The same applies to other elements of your image.

4. Do not wear newly purchased clothing. If you are not 100% sure of it, then new shoes or a shirt can fail. For example, shoes rub your foot, so you want to leave quickly. The suit needs a correction. Try on a complete set, go through it, twist your hands, examine from all sides in the mirror.

If you follow the above rules, then nothing will distract you from the conversation. A thoughtful image will amaze the girl and attract her. Therefore, the communication will be much easier to build, which means the chance of a successful date increases.