OmeTV and Olive are interesting chats where you can make new friends and a romantic partner, talk about any topic, meet a person from another country. What options do such sites have, and what to choose for full communication?


It is a modern chat that has a handy mobile application. You can register here through a social network, including Vkontakte or Facebook. After that, it is enough to turn on the webcam, select the gender and country in order to search for interlocutors that suit you. The chat has its own social network in which you can exchange experiences, get a lot of positive emotions and find a person with whom you can later talk via video link.

Another advantage of the chat is the complete absence of advertising. This means that nothing will distract you from new acquaintances. On the site, you can watch thousands of photos that other people will post every day, as well as share their photos to attract attention. There is a built-in translator through which you can exchange text messages.

The features of Olive

This is another major site where you will find thousands of interesting users. You can also register using Instagram. There are reviews here that are encouraged to read before starting a conversation.

First, turn on your webcam and specify your search parameters. Interestingly, here you can also talk as a couple. Optionally, exchange text messages to help you become more confident before moving on to video communication.

Here you can like and add users as friends, which will allow you to get in touch at any time. The colorful design is the main advantage of this chat. You will quickly understand the features of its use, and it will be really interesting to get acquainted here.

What to choose?

Which site to choose for dating and maintaining a dialogue? Registration in Olive is faster and easier, but in many ways these applications are similar to each other. You can choose the option that is most convenient for you, or just try two sites at once to find as many free men and women as possible. The advantages of such chats include the following:

1. Free functions will allow you to communicate without restrictions at any time of the day.

2. Quick registration within a few seconds.

3. The ability to block a user you do not like.

4. The ability to add people to your friends lists to get in touch with them.

5. If you wish, you can always go beyond the chats and exchange contact information for closer communication.

6. A large number of users who want to meet.

7. Attractive design.

In these video chats, you can talk and meet people of any age – both students and retirees. The main thing is to find a person with whom you will have common interests.

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