Flirting is a kind of game in which the parties get to know each other better and enjoy the dialogue. With the advent of social networks and chat-roulettes, you can now flirt online.

The rules of communication in real and virtual life differ, but not significant. This also applies to flirting with the opposite sex. Next, we will tell you what rules to follow in order to successfully flirt with Omegle or Chatroulette.

Be yourself

Do not think about the right beginning of the dialogue. Start with commonplace topics such as the environment, introducing yourself, getting to know your interlocutor. The topic of conversation is not so important, how much is your reaction to the answers of the person on the other side of the monitor.

At the stage of dating, we are not trying to seem ideal. The main task is to find common topics and reveal the willingness of the interlocutor to become closer.

Show confidence

Tell an interesting case from life or about what you are good at. Tell in such a way as to make your interlocutor smile. It relaxes, reveals your vulnerability, but do you want a response?

Let your interlocutor tell you more about this or that case. It will allow you to learn something about a person’s qualities or find traits that appeal to you.

Make a compliment

Flattery is the key to all doors, if it is sincere. Who of us does not like sincere praise, especially for the qualities that we possess? So do not skimp on compliments. Praise the solution to a problem, tell what facial features you like in the interlocutor (‘You shine when you talk about it, and I like your smile’).

The answer to such a cue is obvious – another attractive smile and a willingness to continue the conversation.

Notice all non-verbal signs

A few recommendations:

· Establish eye contact (especially when the interlocutor says something enthusiastically);

· Be an attentive listener;

· Smile;

· Reflect the pose of the interlocutor.

Do not stare at a person and do not arrange an interrogation. Otherwise, your interlocutor will leave the chat, and you will not see each other again.


Aggressive dialogues on intimate topics push away. But light insinuations about sex are permissible. Mention them when it is appropriate. And look at the reaction. In any case, you will not lose anything, but only practice flirting.

Be patient

Take your time with questions of a personal and intimate nature. You will understand when it is time to ask them. Do not focus on topics discussion of which may be unpleasant. It can be emotional trauma, unhappy childhood or violent declarations of love.

Flirting in a chat-roulette is a fun pastime. But do not count on developing a serious relationship with an occasional stranger. It is quite possible to hone the ability to flirt to use it in real life. Experiment, experience the full range of emotions and enjoy the process, then the use of Chatroulette or Omegle will not be a waste of time for you.