Online dating is an exciting experience that can go from a simple conversation to something more, including a fulfilling date and a romantic relationship. How to get acquainted on the Internet, and what should be the communication at the initial stages?

How should you start a conversation?

The main rule of the first minutes is to interest the interlocutor. To do this, it is recommended to resort to non-trivial phrases and compliments. Appreciate a nice color of the girl’s blouse, ask where the guy bought a T-shirt with a funny print, praise the stylish haircut or the decor in the apartment if you are video chatting. You should not ask a question about a person’s affairs several times – it will seem trivial and eventually get bored with the interlocutor.

How to keep up a conversation at the beginning of a meeting?

The best way is to ask many questions about the person’s life. It is convenient, because you do not know him at all, which means you can ask about work, study, hobbies, relationships with other people, sports. If you are asked questions, try to answer in sufficient detail, touch on related topics, which can then also be developed. All this will allow you to avoid tense silence and have a conversation effortlessly.

Take precautions

Getting started online can be unpredictable. There can be not only nice people on the Internet, but also scammers who want to get money or personal data from you for blackmail. That is why it is better not to exchange phone numbers and social networks in the first few days – you will do this later, when you get to know the person better. Under no circumstances give your credit card details, do not send money to a stranger, even with a good reason.

Another sensitive issue is sending erotic photos. If you are chatting for this very purpose, have reached the age of majority, be careful about sending content for adults – your data may end up on the Internet or in the hands of an unscrupulous person. Try not to show your face, distinctive features and interior items of your apartment in the photo.

When to schedule a personal meeting?

Online communication between a man and a woman often involves a real romantic date. Do not correspond for months – the longer you do it, the more difficult it will be to invite a woman or a man to a real dinner. The best option is to invite the person to meet a few days after the correspondence or video communication. If the interlocutor refuses, do not worry and do not dwell on him: go to the next interesting candidate, get to know a new person, find common interests.

At the initial stage of communication on the Internet, be polite and tactful, do not allow too personal and sensitive questions that can cause unpleasant memories or offend, talk more about yourself. In this case, the acquaintance will definitely be successful, and you can make a friend or find a romantic relationship.

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