Online communication today attracts a large number of Internet users. The preference for virtual communication is given by boys and girls, adults and young people.

Such popularity of online communication is explained by a number of advantages:

· The availability of virtual communication for millions of people;

· Anonymity in the Internet;

· A variety of ways to communicate;

· The ability to choose an interlocutor and partner for communication;

· It is very easy to start communication in the Internet and easy to finish it.

Video chats for adults

Communication in the Internet for adults differs from communication of very young users. These differences are related both to the topics and to the ways of communication. As a rule, adults discuss more serious topics. These topics are often devoted to the relationship between men and women. Quite often, such users discuss various intimate topics and topics related to sex.

Among the ways of virtual communication for adults, the most popular are video chats, although text chats remain in demand. A video chat among the Internet communication services is one of the most realistic. You see and hear your communication partner and this creates the an impression of live communication.

For a video chat you need:

· Any gadget with an Internet access;

· A webcam and a microphone;

· The Internet access and a desire to communicate.

A video chat allows shy men and women to meet each other and to discuss the problems that concern them. People who do not find answers to the questions they think about come to the video chat. Young people often come here to, for example, communicate with more experienced partners, both men and women.

As a rule, communication takes place in a chat room where two people communicate. At the same time, there are practically no restrictions.

In the chat room, each user has the opportunity to choose a communication partner. However, there is a kind of video chat – a chat-roulette, where a partner is selected for you by the service. In this case, you do not know in advance who you will communicate with and it looks like a certain game where, for example, you can try to predict who you will meet next minute.

What is not recommended?

The video chats for adults are quite democratic. At the same time, certain rules of conduct exist and must be followed.

They are:

· Rudeness, insults and humiliations of communication partners should be excluded;

· Do not use profanity;

· You must always remain tolerant of representatives of other nationalities and races, representatives of other religious faiths.