When communicating with strangers in online chats, you always want to believe that they are interested in you. But do not ask them directly about this. Fortunately, there are many ways that let you know if your interlocutor in a chat likes you.

Signs of affection in correspondence

Determining the attitude of the person you have met in a text chat is quite simple if you know the main signs of sympathy. These include:

· The number of questions. If you like a person, you want to know him better. Therefore, your interlocutor will ask about your hobbies, what you plan to do in the evening;

· The number of messages. If the interlocutor feels sympathy for you, he will often write to you. This is due to the fact that a person wants to communicate as much as possible;

· Speed ​​of response. If you are interested in a person, he will try to answer within the shortest time;

· Flirting. If the interlocutor gives you compliments, tries to cheer you up or uses emoticons in messages, he is most likely not indifferent to you.

It is also worth paying attention to who is most often the initiator of the correspondence. In cases when your interlocutor likes you, he will write to you first.

How to understand when talking in a video chat that the person you are talking to is not indifferent to you

If communication takes place practically live, using webcams, non-verbal signals of the interlocutor can help you to recognize sympathy:

1. A gaze. With a hidden form of sympathy, a person examines his interlocutor. The sympathy can also be determined by the gaze.

2. Gestures. Body movements can also tell about sympathy, you just have to understand them correctly. Of course, each person is individual and has his own set of gestures to express interest. But there are universal movements which you can show your attitude with.

3. A smile. Not every person smiling at you does this sincerely. However, as a rule, this is a signal that the interlocutor is interested in you, especially if the smile is accompanied by a sincere, open look. A cheerful, genuine laugh also indicates that the interlocutor has good feelings for you.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the voice of the interlocutor. For example, women’ voice becomes lower, in case of sympathy for a man, the pace of speech slows down, it acquires a certain melodiousness. Men also begin to speak differently, more gently and softly.

When chatting, remember these recommendations. It will help to understand the true attitude of the interlocutor to you.