Correspondence is an integral part of communication between a man and a woman, which today has become as important as real interaction. How to get a girl interested by correspondence in a chat so that she agrees to go to a romantic date? What should you write after the first meeting if you are counting on the second one?

Start with an original greeting

In chats and on dating sites dozens of guys write to girls, who often start a dialogue with a simple “hello” or the annoying “how are you?” Show originality: ask the girl what her favorite dish or drink is, whether she likes to go shopping, which book impressed her the most (by the way, with the help of the last question you can easily find an intellectual and a lover of witty and meaningful dialogues)

Ask more questions

Girls love to talk about themselves and their lives, which means you can take advantage of this. Be interested in neutral topics – her work or school, her dog’s health, favorite pets, and childhood memories. Be prepared for the fact that the lady does not want to give detailed answers to some questions: respect other people’s boundaries and do not touch on topics that will be unpleasant for the other person.

Do not forget to talk about yourself

Encourage women’s initiative with questions. If a girl asks something about your life, then you have already interested her. You should not give monosyllabic answers or tell a lie: tell a funny story, an incident at work or leisure, describe your hobbies, attach a few photos with the most successful shots. Let the other person look into your life and get a little closer to you.

Grammatically correct speech

A large number of grammatical mistakes can push away even the most patient girl. If you doubt how a particular word is spelled, where you need to put a comma, check this in reliable sources – a correspondence quite allows this opportunity. International couples often communicate in chat-roulettes. If you do not know Russian well, do not hesitate to ask the girl about this or that proposal: almost everyone will be happy to take on the role of a teacher and keep up a conversation about the rules.

Regularity of communication

You should not start a conversation and then disappear for a week. In this case, the interlocutor will quickly understand that warm relations and sympathy will not arise. If you communicate for a long time, it will be appropriate to write every day and ask how the woman is doing and how her day went. If you are just starting out in communication, use moderation in your messages, otherwise excessive obsession will only cause irritation.

Thus, in order to please a girl in a chat, it is enough to be a polite and versatile interlocutor, to be more interested in the lady’s life and from time to time make appropriate compliments.