The basis of the relationship of any person is communication. However, not all people are able and willing to communicate. This situation is due to various reasons:

· People have a negative life experience in communicating with other interlocutors;

· People from a young age are shy and cautiously make contact with both peers and people of other age categories;

· A lot of people do not know how to express their thoughts so that others understand them;

· Men and women often experience some self-doubt and have low self-esteem.

All these situations lead to the fact that a person becomes irritable. He avoids communication with new people and, at the same time, suffers from a lack of communication with peers.

How to increase your self-esteem?

Fear of both online communication and traditional communication is directly related to the person’s self-esteem. What is more, sometimes a man or a woman has a negative experience in communication with the representatives of the opposite sex. For example, past conversation was bad because of misunderstanding and insults.

If you have the fear, you should take certain steps to overcome the fear of online communication with strangers and thereby increase your own self-esteem.

The following rules and steps can be followed:

· You have to show some courage, because you have to overcome the fear of communication first of all. If you understand the problem, then you are already trying to deal with it. And then you will need all your determination;

· You have to understand that all your experience, even negative ones, will help you;

· You will need a lot of persistence to increase self-esteem. You must have patience and the desire to succeed.

Different people have various ways of protection in a situation where a person is afraid to communicate in the Internet:

· People who are unsure of themselves choose such interlocutors who are most suitable to hold a dialogue with. Most often these are acquaintances that are familiar to a certain extent. With such an interlocutor, an insecure person will feel more protected;

· Sooner or later, a stranger can become an interlocutor of such an insecure person. In such a situation, you just have to choose those topics that cannot provoke your partner to behave incorrectly with you;

· When you communicate with an unfamiliar person, you must avoid conflict situations.

To overcome the fear of online communication you have to become a self-confident person. What is more, you have to stop hiding from problems, if they exist.