The advantage of a chat-roulette is that communication is anonymous – it allows you to feel more relaxed. The interlocutor may not see you, but if you still feel embarrassed and do not know how to overcome shyness when communicating with girls, try to apply some tips in practice.

Think about what you will talk about

 There is nothing wrong with preparing a list of topics and questions in advance. It will help to avoid awkward pauses and silence, especially if the interlocutor also feels constrained.

Take into account that questions and topics should be neutral. They can be about hobbies, pets, travel, music, sports, and literary preferences. You should ask what the girl will be interested in talking about: hobbies, work, study, family. If your interests coincide in something, and you start discussing your favorite films, then shyness will disappear – when a person is passionate, he feels more confident.

The most important rule

It is not only an effective, but also an easy way to overcome shyness – you should concentrate on the interlocutor. Ask her questions, show sincere interest. Then there will be no time to think about your own shortcomings. And the girl will be fascinated – they like attention and interest.

Some more tips

To become a pleasant interlocutor for any girl, it is important to develop and apply skills in practice:

· Listen. Girls like guys to listen to them carefully and remember the details of the conversation.

· Be sincere. Overcoming constraint, it is important to remain ourselves. A simple sincere question about how her day goes is much better than abstruse quotes.

· Learn to talk with strangers, expanding the circle of friends. A great way out is to find a hobby, where you can meet a bunch of people. Each new communication will help overcome shyness.

Shyness is normal

The feeling of discomfort in communicating with a stranger is absolutely normal and natural. Even if the girl feels your embarrassment, she will perceive it correctly.


The best way to overcome your shyness is practice. Everything is hard only for the first time. Each time you will feel more confident. Even if the first communication did not work out due to awkwardness, you should not blame yourself. Do not stop chatting – the more practice, the better the result.

It is impossible to please absolutely everyone. If chatting does not work out, there is nothing to worry about – continue to get to know other girls. It happens that people are just very different, and that is normal. The main thing is confidence, which will be felt even online.