To make a guy from an online chat like you, you need to prepare well. This must be done, regardless of whether you meet him for the first time or have already met more than once. Have you ever thought about what men pay attention to?

It has long been known that the representatives of the stronger sex have a good visual memory. You need to take advantage of this by starting dating in an online chat. Take care of the exterior and related details. After all, guys primarily love appearance.


Contrary to popular belief, men pay attention not to the boobs and legs, but to the clothes. To please the guy, do not wear clothes with a deep neckline. Unobtrusively attract attention by opening a small area of ​​the body in a less popular place. It really can arouse sympathy. Choose clothing that makes you feel easy and free. A successful date is when both parties are happy.

What is more, you should take into account that guys are attracted to red, that is why it is better to combine it with black.

Lips and smile

Lips have an extraordinary effect on men. Red shades are welcome. Smile is no less important, especially at the initial stages of online dating. Representatives of the stronger sex evaluate a potential chosen one, preferring kind and positive-minded girls. Everyone will feel joy and satisfaction if he sees that you are smiling and happy. Therefore, do this as often as possible.

Hair and makeup

Men, looking at a woman, also pay attention to the face. Therefore, if you are going to an online meeting, you should wash your hair.

Most guys do not like too heavy makeup. Of course, there are exceptions, but, in general, the less the better. In some situations, make-up is indispensable, when you first meet in a chat-roulette, you should have a natural look. Gentle nude makeup is allowed, which will hide the flaws and emphasize your beauty.


The above examples are just typical elements that guys pay attention to during an online dating. Each man is individual, therefore, has different tastes and preferences. But on a date, the main thing is that both sides should have fun on a date.

Every success requires determination and wit. Do not evaluate or criticize. Try to behave naturally and freely, discuss different topics and avoid too serious ones.