Loneliness is a familiar feeling for a modern person who lives in a metropolis. Despite the large number of people around, social connections for many are rather limited. As a result, we go to work and home, and spend weekends at the bar with old friends. How to avoid feeling lonely and find a soulmate? We tell you about proven methods.

Get out of your comfort zone

To do this, you do not need to jump with a parachute or go on a trip around the world. You just need to change your usual pastime. If you used to spend evenings at home with a book on the couch, sign up for a gym or dance school – there you will always be surrounded by people, which means that the chances of meeting new friends increase significantly. If you are not ready for this yet, just go for a walk in the nearest park – fresh air and light physical activity will help you escape from the feeling of loneliness.

Get a dog

This advice is suitable for responsible people who would like to take care of a pet. After acquiring a dog, you will have trips to the veterinarian, outdoor training, and maybe participation in exhibitions. You are guaranteed to communicate on the forums of the same dog lovers and make new acquaintances, many of whom can become quite close. The main thing is to remember that a dog is a living being, not a tool for getting rid of loneliness.

An online chat

This is the best option for those who are not yet ready to establish connections in the real world. You can simply create a page on a social network or use dating sites to find a partner. An excellent option is video chats, in which you will see the interlocutor, be able to evaluate him, and create an objective impression. When dating online, it is important to show initiative, ask questions and be genuinely interested in the affairs of the interlocutor. Do not expect dozens of people to write to you – write and greet them yourself. Do not give up on real meetings – some of them are likely to turn into a serious relationship.

Meet friends

Over time, connections are often lost, and our job is to maintain and strengthen them. Do not postpone meetings indefinitely. Try to meet regularly at the bar or take walks, however short. If you do not have the opportunity to meet in reality, you live in different cities and countries, today you can communicate in video chats, where you will see and hear the interlocutor, which means that your communication will be as close to real as possible.

You should not try to overcome your own loneliness with the help of endless work, alcohol or eating junk food – this way you will earn chronic diseases, but you will remain without a loved one. The best option is to increase social activity. This is possible at any age, both for young people and for retirees. The main thing is not to lose hope and regularly meet new interlocutors, both men and women.

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