Flirting in video chat is a common thing for many, but some people even have a lot of compliments and an active life position that do not help to start an interesting conversation. FaceFlow helps you find a romantic partner and just have a good time. How to flirt with girls and men correctly so that it is a successful and exciting experience? Here are some helpful tips.

Do not give too many compliments to yourself

Praising your appearance or good knowledge of the English language is a great way to attract an interlocutor, make him feel good about himself and his own worth. However, inappropriate compliments every ten minutes will only irritate and give the impression that you are intruding.

Respect personal boundaries

Not all people enjoy communicating on topics with sexual connotations right from the first minutes of chatting. This is why your first topics should be neutral, you can add a little romantic hint with compliments. You should also not touch on the topics of politics, religion, national characteristics, if you are not sure that the interlocutor will be friendly, otherwise the flirting will develop into an unpleasant quarrel.

Practice all ways of communication

FaceFlow has the ability not only to communicate by video, but also by text, voice messages, and send funny videos. Try all of these ways to get the other person interested. Any person will be pleased to receive in the morning a wish for a pleasant day in the form of a text with an original picture. It will demonstrate care and attentive attitude towards a girl or a man.

Upload photos

Flirting on the Internet provides for the exchange of photos, you, your pets, scenic spots and attractions can be in the frame. If you have been communicating for a long time, and your interlocutor agrees to this, it is allowed to exchange photos of more piquant content, but remember that it is advisable to maintain anonymity (remember that photos may appear on the Internet at any time).

Write poetry

If you prefer to flirt in an original way, try writing a short verse to your chosen one: let it be just four lines, not written professionally. However, your interlocutor will appreciate the efforts – there is nothing better than the surprises that you sincerely tried to create.

Thus, flirting in FaceFlow is an opportunity to talk to a nice person or find a romantic partner for an exciting correspondence or a real meeting. To start a conversation, you just need to go through a short registration. No downloads required – the chat always works when the Internet is on. Choose a beautiful avatar (it is better to choose a real photo) to attract attention and be active in the conversation.