The first date is a meeting at which a man’s appearance, character, and communication manners are assessed. That is why it is at this meeting that it is so important to make a positive impression. The main way to do this is with neat and stylish clothes. What should a man wear on a first date to please his chosen one? How to choose the right suit?

Cleanliness and tidiness are the main rule

The first and most important rule is that your clothes must be clean. Do not wear worn-out clothes. Your clothes may not be too expensive, but they should be fresh. Remember to iron your shirt thoroughly. You should not choose things that wrinkle a lot for the first meeting, otherwise, immediately after leaving the car or subway, you will look untidy, even if you have thoroughly ironed your clothes at home.

Fit the situation

If you invited a lady to a restaurant or s cafe, going to such places in shorts and a sports T-shirt is taboo. Pants and a shirt are suitable for this, if you wish, you can wear a tie if you want to impress your lady and make the impression of a serious business person. The same goes for going to the theater. If you wish, you can wear trendy jeans with a nice shirt in youth cafes – such an informal style is perfect for a casual meeting.

If you are just going for a walk in the park or out into nature, dressing can be more casual. Match your jeans to beautiful sneakers to create the impression of an energetic and confident person.

Do not put on tracksuits

Even if you prefer a modern style of clothing, it is better to avoid sports items, because they are suitable for morning runs or workouts in the fitness club. Sweatpants and running shoes will not look attractive enough even for a simple walk, and she may also think that you did not prepare for this date.

Consider her dress style

If in doubt, it is better to clarify in advance what the girl will be wearing. Otherwise, an awkward situation may arise when a lady came in an elegant dress and heels, and you in your favorite sneakers and a T-shirt. It is unlikely that such a pair will look organic.

Do not overdo it

Remember that measure is good in everything and pay attention to your style in general. If it is too pretentious, includes a lot of bright details, it will make a repulsive impression, moreover, the girl may decide that you have a narcissistic character.

Thus, men’s clothing for a first date makes a good impression on a girl if it is clean and neat. Try to choose good quality things that will last you a long time and retain their presentable appearance.