Omegle and Chatroulette are the perfect place to meet girls. Firstly,  the chat-roulette data is anonymous; you do not have to provide your contact details when you register on the site. Secondly, if the conversation is not interesting, it is possible to simply stop it by switching to the next interlocutor.

However, it is not all so easy. For many guys, dating is quite a stressful situation. Here plays a great role self-doubt, shyness, inability to communicate with the representatives of the opposite sex. In fact, everything is much easier, because the girls, sitting in the chat, are looking for guys. The main thing is the ability to introduce yourself, and for this, use these tips:

– Appearance. Pay attention not to what you look like. You do not need a dress coat and bow tie, but you just have to be neat. Clean clothes, neat hairstyle are the first step in meeting with a girl.

– The beginning of the conversation. A lot of guys do not know what to say when they meet girls. If the girl wants to communicate, then it will be enough for her to hear: ‘Hi, my name is …’. Well, and then, of course, you will have to try to make the conversation easy and relaxed.

– Communication. To avoid awkward silence, think in advance about what you can talk freely and without tension. Some topics for conversation at the initial stages: new/favorite movies, musical preferences, news, books.

– Attention and interest. Show sincere interest. Find out what a girl likes: books, movies, music, food, sports, animals. Where she works or studies, what hobbies she has. Knowing the answers to these questions, you can easily find a topic for conversation.

– Taboo. If you are aiming at a serious long-term relationship, then you should not allow in communication some things. Do not be vulgar, rude. Do not ask too personal questions. Do not impose your opinion as the only correct one.

– Compliments. Make compliments, but not too many, otherwise the girl may have an unpleasant feeling of insincerity.

– Be yourself. Do not lie about yourself. Sooner or later, the pretense will be revealed and the girl will feel deceived.

– Phone or other contacts. One of the disadvantages of the chat-roulettes is that when changing the interlocutor or interrupting the chat, it is impossible to find the previous interlocutor among the huge number of the users. Therefore, if you like the girl, try to get any of her contacts, for example, a phone number. At the same time be persistent, but not intrusive.

– Meeting in real life. Internet communication is never compared to live one. If you like the girl, offer her to meet in real life.

If, despite all your efforts, the girl refuses, do not fall into aggression. Say goodbye politely and switch to a new conversation. Her refusal does not mean that you are a bad or uninteresting person, it is just not your girlfriend. Take communication and dating as a kind of lottery game.

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