For most people communication with strangers is stress and even panic. To overcome your fears, you can practice in a safe place. This is, for example, a chat with random people.

Why are you here?

Why do you visit Chatroulette, Omegle, Camsurf and other sites? Answer this question first. Some are looking for new friends, others just have fun here.

Regardless of the purpose of visiting chat-roulettes, you have to follow some rules. In the following sections, they are discussed in detail.

Preparing to enter a chat

There is no need for formal suits, expensive watches, jewelry and other accessories. Just being a tidy interlocutor is enough.

What will you ask your interlocutor about? Awkward pauses are undesirable.

Rules of dealing with random people

Of course, this issue is considered in the context of long-term relationships. You probably did not visit the site in order to waste several hours of life?

Top 5 rules of a random chat:

  1. Communicate about people.

That is about two interlocutors. Do not discuss religion, relations between countries and other issues where opinions may differ. Work, hobbies, books, music, films and series. You should better identify similar interests on similar topics.

  1. Be honest.

This applies both to the design of your profile, and to bring information. Suddenly you happen to meet an interesting person? It will be unpleasant if you find yourself not the person that is shown in the photo. There will be no benefit from such deception.

  1. Do not be annoying.

Do you like the girl? Do not promise her stars from the sky, do not require a phone number. Hold a dialogue first. Take an interest in a person, hobby, deeds and mood. You will not miss the moment when you can offer to meet outside a chat-roulette.

  1. Do not fall in love!

At least until you meet a person on Skype. In online communication, we are dealing more with image than with reality. Do not idealize, do not build distant plans, do not promise and do not believe promises.

  1. Go to the real world.

Have you practiced virtual communication? It is time to go out to real people.

The chat-roulettes are good helpers in establishing interpersonal relationships. Follow rules and take into account that true happiness is achieved only through live communication.

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