What is the point of dating online? For some people it is easier to overcome shyness, others do not want to spend time searching for a soulmate in real life, or they are not interested in long-term relationships.

It does not matter where you are looking for a meeting, in real or virtual life, if you are looking for a soulmate. This article describes the five rules for successful dating online.

  1. Be honest

If the dating site has fields for information about yourself, fill them in detail. You can also indicate your height, appearance (hair color, for instance), interests, preferences.

Attach your real photo without photoshop. When you meet a person alive, he will be disappointed if in life you do not look like a person in the picture.

  1. Tell something about yourself.

Avoid talking about politics, the economic situation, religion in the first conversation in a chat. Remember, that it is issues where opinions may be different. It is much more pleasant to talk about music, favorite books and so on. Later, you will have time to discuss the latest political news.

Listen carefully to the interlocutor. Ask questions, be curious. For example, do not be interested in previous relationships with a girl/guy of the interlocutor.

  1. Do not be persistent

Strange advice, but it is worth following. Imagine the situation when a man loves a girl. He asks her a lot of questions, promises unreal thing to happen and send too many messages and calls. Such a pressure scares.

First make sure you want to communicate with the person. And do not rush.

  1. Ask a phone number or a page in social networks.

There is no point in long correspondence.

Call your interlocutor. In 5 minutes you can learn more than in months of correspondence. You will be able to assess a sense of humor of the interlocutor. Appreciate your time and switch to other methods of communication besides sending messages.

  1. Do not fall in love!

It is universal advice for men and women. Since people who are looking for something or someone in the dating site, they tend to idealize potential partners. This can play a cruel joke in real life.

Do not make ambitious plans for life with a man who you know only a couple of days. Do not promise anything and do not believe the promises of the interlocutor. Serious-minded people do not rush with it.

The Internet is a great helper in establishing interpersonal relationships. Use the rules to avoid mistakes and false expectations. Remember that people in the Internet cannot see your emotions, feelings and soul, so do not forget about real communication.

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