Flirting plays an important role in the relationship between men and women. This language is equally successfully used by both men and women. For some, the ability to flirt is predetermined by nature itself and it is obtained easily and naturally from them. For others, the ability to flirt successfully comes over time after gaining some experience.

Any girl has the ability to flirt successfully. The main thing is to overcome shyness and show your qualities. Flirting is an element of most relationships between a man and a woman.

Flirting with a guy, a girl shows that a guy is interesting to her.

Female flirting should be innocent, and any girl should understand that a guy needs to be kept at a distance. In addition, the task of flirting for a girl is not only a demonstration of her appearance, but also her intellect, manners and ability to hold on.

Basic rules of flirting for girls

Any girl, to one degree or another, resorts to flirting when it comes to relationships with guys. Most intuitively understand how to behave correctly in a given situation. At the same time, we will try to formulate several rules for a successful flirt with a guy.

Among the main rules and recommendations are the following:

· Successful flirting should not be vulgar. Your flirting should be inherent in beauty and grace. There should not be the slightest hint of rudeness. Light erotic provocations may be allowed, but the main thing is not to go too far with it. And in your flirting there should not even be a hint of obsession;

· The girl must be feminine. Demonstrating her best qualities, a girl should not show that she is smarter than the guy. If it works the other way around, then a guy may face a certain complex and this will put an end to your relationship;

· Grace and plastic. A man most often loves with his eyes. Demonstrate your appearance and figure, do it at ease. It can be some elusive movements, a certain pose or look from under the eyelashes, throwing legs by foot or touching a lock of hair;

· The correct timbre of the voice and a certain mystery. The right voice tone pleasantly caresses your partner’s ear. The voice should be quiet, and it adds intimacy to your relationship. A loud exclamation can ruin everything, and an unpleasant loud laugh does not fit an attractive girl. When talking with a guy, do not rush to tell him all about yourself right away. There must always be a certain mystery. In addition, flirting is definitely not the kind of relationship when the whole set of your problems is discussed with a guy;

· Interest. If it becomes clear to you that the guy is interesting to you, you have to make it clear to him about it too. In this case, the main thing is not to overdo it.