The easiest way to demonstrate a girl you like her is to flirt. The ability to flirt is useful to every guy, because at the initial stages of a relationship with a girl, flirting is always used.

The ability to flirt most guys is not given with birth. It needs to be trained and honed. Even if a friendship has developed between a man and a woman, easy flirting is possible in this case.

What is male flirting?

There are several types of male flirting:

· Physical flirtation. A man’s behavior, a set of external signs that make it clear to a woman that she is a desirable object for a man. It can be certain pose or a touch;

· Polite flirtation. It is good manners and gallant behavior towards a woman. The main task is to demonstrate care and make it clear that she can always count on him;

· Traditional flirtation. Under this kind of just the most often understand the word “flirt.”

The basic rules of flirting

Any man who wants a successful relationship should be open to dialogue and be sincere, be able to compliment and show sympathy.

The rules of flirting are not described anywhere and are not defined by anyone. In this case, each guy relies on his experience and intuition. However, we can make some recommendations to the guy on how to behave in the process of flirting with a girl.

Among them, five recommendations can be distinguished:

· For any guy it is important to be neat and look worthy. He should be stylish and neatly dressed. It should smell good from him. It is important to have a neat hairstyle, and the face is a healthy color. In addition, we must not forget about the rule of three colors, that is, at the same time in the clothes should not be present in three colors;

· A man’s voice is also important. When a man has a pleasant voice, then such a man will be successful. The voice should sound quite loud, but raising the voice is impossible by no means. Guys have to learn how to play their voice;

· An important rule for male flirting is constant eye contact with your partner. Always, communicating with a woman, look straight into her eyes and remember any details. Always try to recognize the color of your girl’s eyes;

· The guy must be emotional. He must generate positive emotions and evoke them in a woman. Among emotions, laughter and safety, arousal and attraction, interest and fear of loss are important. If you make a girl laugh, then you can assume that you have made progress in your relationship;

· Compliments must be sincere and appear unexpectedly. You have to pronounce them easily and naturally.